Inhabit Yourself: A Collection of Quotes About the Body


Inhabit Yourself: Quotes on Embodiment

These quotes about embodiment offer me inspiration and guidance for the curious exploration of what it’s like to live in/with/as/through a body.

When I’ve understood I’m not the body, it’s because I’ve understood that I am this beautiful, unlocated openness, this aliveness—and that everything that is experienced is experienced within me and is made of me. So the body is liberated from this impossible mission to be the cage for the separate entity. What the body then is experienced as is the flow of energy, of aliveness—it echoes our true nature.

The body, when it’s a happy body, it feels relaxed and open and easy—it’s the way by which I, awareness, know myself to be openness, to be aliveness, to be expression, to be playful. —Ellen Emmet

Can we find that support as we are, in our rough and heavy bodies, driven by attractions to pleasure and the avoidance of pain? Between indulgence and renunciation, something magical begins to happen, a new attitude and new attention toward the body appears—a searching awareness, without agenda, to see what is. The body becomes less fearful, less self-protective, and begins to reveal its mysteries, gradually becoming an ally in the search for reality and freedom. —Stuart Smithers

The body is our house—and how we live in it and where we occupy it are uniquely ours, as well as being part of the common human experience. The body is a treasure trove and an exquisite vehicle for our practice of waking up and being with what is. —Jill Satterfield

When the body calls us back, we begin to find that we have a partner on the spiritual path that we didn’t know about—the body itself. In our meditation and in our surrounding lives, the body becomes a teacher. —Reggie Ray