A Collection of Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais


A Collection of Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais

This is a collection of quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais, creator of the Feldenkrais Method®. Moshe’s writings are dense, academic, and sometimes obscure, but if you go slowly and pay attention—much like we do in the method—you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Find your true weakness and surrender to it. Therein lies the path to genius. Most people spend their lives using their strengths to overcome or cover up their weaknesses. Those few who use their strengths to incorporate their weaknesses, who don’t divide themselves, those people are very rare. In any generation there are a few and they lead their generation. —Moshe Feldenkrais

In conclusion let me state my inmost belief that, just as anatomy has enabled humanity to get an intimate knowledge of the working of the body, and neuroanatomy that of some activities of the psyche, so will understanding of the somatic aspects of consciousness enable us to know ourselves more intimately. Tension is self-destructive. In the future, we should be able to direct the forces that generate tension not just to release it, but to the betterment of humanity. —Moshe Feldenkrais, from Mind & Body, Two Lectures Delievered at the Copenhagen Congress of Functional Movement and Relaxation

Willpower is necessary when the ability to do is lacking. Learning, as I see it, is not the training of willpower but the acquisition of the skill to inhibit parasitic action and the ability to direct clear motivations a result of self knowledge —Moshe Feldenkrais

What is important is that you get the person to love himself, not just like himself. If you achieve that you are worth your weight in diamonds. If you take a person who hates himself, has no confidence, and make him feel that he can love himself. He feels he can begin to rely on his own self and begins to have self-confidence to stand on his feet. —Moshe Feldenkrais

In those moments when awareness succeeds in being at one with feeling, senses, movement, and thought, the carriage will speed along on the right road. Then man can make discoveries, invent, create, innovate, and 'know.' He grasps that his small world and the great world around are but one and that in this unity he is no longer alone. —Moshe Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement

The aim [of the Feldenkrais Method] is a person that is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.” —Moshe Feldenkrais