Come home to yourself through movement and meditation.


To truly experience our lives we need to learn to be present in our bodies—to be embodied. But how can we do that if we’re uncomfortable in our skin or preoccupied by our thoughts?

Awareness practices bring us back to our physical experience of being alive and help us see through the distractions of the mind so we can be here for all that’s happening.

Join me in a process of self-discovery and learn to inhabit yourself and your life.



Feldenkrais® Classes & Workshops

The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic (body-based) awareness practice that uses gentle movement and focused attention to help you learn new and more effective ways to move more comfortably—in your body and in your life. Try a class, workshop, or a private session.


Meditation Coaching

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Know thyself.” But how? Meditation and other contemplative practices can help reveal your true self, but which approach is right for you? Together we can explore a wide variety of options for slowing down and going inside to find your unique path.

Inhabit Yourself: The Blog

Inhabiting yourself and fully experiencing your life takes practice. It’s not a one-shot deal, but a daily, moment-by-moment activity. Find support for your journey in my online journal, where I occasionally write about the Feldenkrais Method and other mind-body awareness practices.


If you want to do something really healthy for the body, inhabit it.
—Cheri Huber